Combatting Loneliness

Causes and Antidotes

As we are Gracefully Greying, loneliness can be an issue.  This is especially true if we have lost a spouse, a significant other, or good friends. Grief, depression, and loneliness often go hand...



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Lipson Neilson

Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine

Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology

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WATCH: Tap Money Out of Your House

WATCH: Tap Money Out of Your House

With David Blatt, David Blatt Mortgage

David Blatt (NMLAS # 114358), of David Blatt Mortgage-Reverse Mortgages Michigan (NMLS# 130290) discusses, mortgages and specifically reverse mortgages for the 62+ demographic. David addresses FHA insurance, qualifications, payments and plans, appraisals, the approval process, closing fees and recouping costs, primary and secondary houses, and the myths surrounding reverse mortgages.

David provides advice to those seeking to sustain and Improve lifestyles for individuals and their families. 

Click on the photo to learn more about David Blatt Mortgage:


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