promote your brand and

Advertise With Us

promote your brand and

Advertise With Us

Sponsorship/Ad Opportunities

  1. Name listing on category page (legal, financial, wellness, etc.)
    • Company Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Website URL
    • Address
    • Type of Services Provided (Divorce Law, Travel Agent, Oncologist, etc.)
  2. Name Listing with Logo & Preferred Ranking in Category List
    • Logo (.eps or .ai preferred)
  3. Photo Advertisement on Category & Home Page
    • Need horizontal version of ad, desktop/large tablet applications.
    • Need mobile version of ad, phone or small tablet applications.
Sponsorship Includes

Monthly blog entry on gracefullygraying.com
Weekly Inclusion in GG social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
Monthly Inclusion in GG newsletter Senior Musings
Weekly Inclusion in GG e-blasts
Sponsor name listed in Speaking Events and Announcements
(1) podcast/video show with Henry, posted to GG YouTube Channel


Photo Advertisement Guidelines: GG can create the ads for you

  1. Desktop (Home Page) Horizontal Image Size:
    • Width: 1902px; Height: 495.5px **These sized ads will work on Home Page (desktop view only) – PNG or JPG accepted.
  2. Desktop / Mobile Image Size:
    • Width: 700px; Height: 624px **These sized ads will work on all pages & in mobile view – PNG or JPG accepted.

Apply For Sponsorship

We are excited that you are on board with GG. Please provide your contact information, level of sponsorship interest, and your company/organization logo or image artwork, and we will get you up and running. If you need creative consulting for this, email laurie@gracefullygreying.com.

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