WATCH: Virtual Therapy

With Dr. Joel Young, Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine


Joel Young, M.D., Director and Founder of the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine discusses Virtual Therapy during the Coronavirus pandemic, and the future of therapy in general.

Rockstar Caregivers

Going Above and Beyond for Clients

Emilie Amador, President and Owner of AE HomeCare, expresses thanks to her staff for the compassionate care of their vulnerable clients during the extremely challenging time...

Dealing With Loneliness

And How To Combat It

As we are Gracefully Greying, loneliness can be an issue.  This is especially true if we have lost a spouse, a significant other, or good friends. Grief, depression, and loneliness often go hand...

What is a Health Advocate?

By R. Ruth Linden, Ph.D.

An independent health advocate is an expert you would turn to for advice and guidance when the stakes are too high to face the health care system by yourself. Knowing that you have chosen the...

Virtual Music To Your Ears

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Cellists Perform Virtually

Six DSO cellists have been recording Bach's complete Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major. In the spirit of social distancing, each musician has taken on one movement and recorded the music from home.

Gain Exposure!

Why Become a Sponsor of Gracefully Greying?

Become an influencer!  We have just launched our website in the middle of the worst medical and financial crisis in our lifetime.  As we publish this article, we are fighting the...

Formal Wills & Trusts

Important Estate Planning

Elvis died without a will, and so did Prince. Aretha Franklin left no formal will or trust, and now her heirs are fighting over some handwritten documents that may or not meet the legal standards...

Power of Attorney

Your Legal Designations

A power of attorney is a legal document that is often part of an estate plan, though it doesn’t have to be.  The purpose is to give a family member, financial institution, or some other...

Medical Power of Attorney

Your Medical Directives

As part of an estate plan, an important legal document is called a medical power of attorney. The purpose of a medical directive, or power of attorney (POA), is to provide specific instructions to...

Thinking About Religion

Our Spirituality

As part of our gracefully greying community, a goal is to seek out and communicate with leaders of various religions to exchange ideas about customs, traditions, daily practices and views on many...



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Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine

Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology

Alternatives For Seniors





Coronavirus Resources

WATCH: A Covid Long Hauler WATCH: A Covid Long Hauler

WATCH: A Covid Long Hauler

Heather Coleman-Voss, CPCC, CPLC, CBSP, founder of Career Savvy Coaching, discusses her ongoing long road to recovery as a Covid Long Hauler.
WATCH: Connecting Senior Teens... WATCH: Connecting Senior Teens...

WATCH: Connecting Senior Teens...

Eric and John Peterson, co-founders of Seniors4Seniors, discuss how they connect high school teens and senior adults with meaningful mentorships and career and life experiences.
WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid

WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid

Sandra Glazier, Equity Shareholder, Lipson/Neilson, P.C. specializes in family law and shares her expertise in the area of Undue Influence, the mental, physical and financial effects, signs and signals, and ways to...

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