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This area of elder law deals with planning your estate to make sure that your wishes are properly covered in the event of your death. You do not want to be like many celebrities such as Elvis, Prince or Aretha who died without a will or trust. Appropriate legal advice is critical in this area to ensure that your estate is in order.

Elder Law

Aging can make a person more physically, financially or socially vulnerable. Senior’s often need help navigating legal issues that come with complex regulations and laws that differ by state. Elder Law attorneys can help address life decisions including wills and trusts, guardianships, probate. While people may think this is just important for people facing complex issues, that is not true. Elder Law attorneys also help you protect your assets and medical wishes.

Criminal Law

Exploitation and financial scans against seniors are on the rise. Raiding funds, property and assets, as well as identity theft are rampant and the senior demographic is seemingly an easy target. The Consumer Law Center reported that Americans lose an estimated $40 billion each year, and 56 to 80% involve seniors.

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