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Estate Planning

This area of elder law deals with planning your estate to make sure that your wishes are properly covered in the event of your death. You do not want to be like many celebrities such as Elvis, Prince or Aretha who died without a will or trust. Appropriate legal advice is critical in this area to ensure that your estate is in order.

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Trust and Wills

Trusts and Wills are the documents used to make sure that you and your heirs are properly protected. It is important to seek legal advice from a specialist in trusts and wills.

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Formal Wills & Trusts

Important Estate Planning

Elvis died without a will, and so did Prince. Aretha Franklin left no formal will or trust, and now her heirs are fighting over some handwritten...

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Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney are documents that give a trusted relative or attorney the power to take care of normal day to day activities such as banking, or even in some instances, selling a home. These are normally temporary designations and do not replace a thorough estate plan.

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Power of Attorney

Your Legal Designations

A power of attorney is a legal document that is often part of an estate plan, though it doesn’t have to be.  The purpose is to give a...

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Probate Issues

The probate court handles issues involving mental health, guardianships and conservatorships, as well as the estates of decedants. It is possible to take care of a simple estate without an attorney, but a discussion with an attorney before making any final decisions is important.

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Medical Designations

Medical Designations are usually part of a good estate plan.  The purpose is to clarify medical directives to your loved ones in the event of a terminal or life threatening illness. This will lessen the burden of having to make life and death decisions at a crucial and highly emotional time.

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Legacy Letters

Ethical Wills

Legacy letters are a written set of directions to follow for living an ethical life. They are also referred to as ethical wills. It allows you to...
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WATCH: Conservatorships

With Irena Politano

Irena Politano covers the important topic of navigating the probate courts for guardians and conservators. Those who can no longer take care of...

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Elder Law

Elder Law​ covers all of the issues from a legal standpoint that those who are gracefully greying or have aging parents. This includes wills and trusts, guardianship's, probate, as well as steps to take to insure that your family affairs are in proper order.

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Grandparent Issues

Legal issues surrounding grandparents and grandchildren may include custody, guardianship, and/or adoption. Legal relationships must be established to provide proper medical coverage, schooling, stable financial situations, and planning for the future. Laws involving grandparents rights vary from state to state.

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Abuse & Neglect

Signs of abuse and neglect of the elderly may include domestic violence, malnutrition, misuse of medications, misdiagnoses, control issues, family dynamics, confusion, and hygiene issues. Despite adult protective services and regulations in all 50 states, this continues to be a problem on a wide scale.

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Elder Abuse and Seniors

Taking Advantage

Elder abuse comes in all shapes and forms. Recently, a Texas elected official said that if there are enough beds and ventilators available to...

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Criminal Law

Exploitation and financial scans against seniors are on the rise. Raiding funds, property and assets, as well as identity theft are rampant and the senior demographic is seemingly an easy target. The Consumer Law Center reported that Americans lose an estimated $40 billion each year, and 56 to 80% involve seniors.

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Retirement & Murder

With Judge Jack McDonald

Retired Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Jack McDonald discusses his retirement and a famous murder trial.

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Age Discrimination

You face a tough time now if you are a senior and looking for a job. Frankly, you are competing against the younger workforce who most likely have stronger skill sets in technology and the digital world, perhaps get paid less, and fit into a corporate, business, or organizational culture more than you do.

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