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Estate Planning

One of the most important things people can do at any age is plan for their future. You don’t need to live in an “estate” to do estate planning. In this section of Gracefully Greying ,we cover things you can do today to put you and your family at ease. We cover everything from wills, to durable powers of attorney, medical directives, and estate tax preparation.

Elder Law

Aging can make a person more physically, financially or socially vulnerable. Seniors often need help navigating legal issues that come with complex regulations and laws that differ by state. Elder Law attorneys can help address areas including wills and trusts, guardianships, and probate issues. While people may think this is just important for people facing complex situations, that is not true. Elder Law attorneys also help you protect your assets and medical wishes.

Criminal Law

Exploitation and financial scans against seniors are on the rise. This can include assault, financial exploitation, fraud, or theft. Laws in some states now allow judges to consider a victim’s advanced age as an aggravating factor in sentencing decisions. Explore this page to learn how to avoid scams as well as legal remedies.

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Scamming Seniors

Crimes Against the Elderly

As vigilant as we all try to be, criminals seem to always be one step ahead. Between fake phone calls, internet and social media scams, there are...



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