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Listing Life Fully!

Create a smooth transition for your loved ones when the unexpected happens by preparing, recording, and organizing your important documents all in one place, with the Gracefully Greying Listing Life Fully. 


On sale through March 31st


We know from experience that when we are removed from the day-to-day management of our lives and the lives of others, it can be a traumatic event. Remember that age is only a partial factor in predicting when this might happen. Whether this is temporary (due to accident, stroke, sickness) or a more permanent situation, it is important that you have prepared, recorded, organized, and provided resources of documents in order to smooth the transition. The burden of managing and coping falls on our spouse, our children, other family members, and friends at the most difficult and emotional time.  In these circumstances, we want to provide a way to reduce the time spent by others trying to find files, records, documents, spare keys, names, phone numbers, and personal wishes.


Type of Book: Printed, Soft Cover

Pages:  48 (not including cover)

Page Size: 8.5" x 11"

Binding: Wiro-Bound

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