How To Sleep With Hip Pain

Simple and Practical Ways to Alleviate Nighttime Hip Pain

For those who battle chronic hip pain, there are a number of strategies that can provide comfort and pain relief throughout the night, making it possible to enjoy a more peaceful, restorative...

Anxious and Stressed?

CBD Oil is a Solution to Reducing Anxiety and Sleeping Better

While methods such as behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, yoga and other such modalities have demonstrated they can offer relief from anxiety over time, CBD offers more immediate relief. 

Music for the Heart

Soothing Music for Sleep


Music has many therapeutic benefits for seniors and sometimes helps more than medication. Turning on soothing tunes, specifically yoga music, before bed is good for the heart.

Senior Sleep Guide

Everything to Know About How Sleep Changes As You Age

Experts agree that older adults (age 65 and up) need around 7 hours of sleep each night. However, due to changes in circadian rhythms and time spent in each sleep stage, elderly adults...

Importance of Sleep

Older Adults and Longevity

Sleep issues tend to mount as we get older. According to a National Sleep Foundation's comprehensive study, we have a harder time falling asleep, have more trouble staying asleep and...

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Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine

Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology

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Coronavirus Resources

WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid

WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid

Sandra Glazier, Equity Shareholder, Lipson/Neilson, P.C. specializes in family law and shares her expertise in the area of Undue Influence, the mental, physical and financial effects, signs and signals, and ways to...
WATCH: Disability and Life... WATCH: Disability and Life...

WATCH: Disability and Life...

In this interview, sister and brother team, Lisa and Gary Scholnick, discuss the ins and outs of disability and life insurance. Lisa Scholnick, RHU, LIC, is the owner of LisaCo, Lifetime Income Sales Associate, and...
WATCH: The Covid Mental Health... WATCH: The Covid Mental Health...

WATCH: The Covid Mental Health...

Jeffrey Guina, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Easterseals, and Psychiatry Residency Director at Beaumont Health discusses the Covid mental health crisis.

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