Thinking About Downsizing?
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Thinking About Downsizing?

It Might Be Time To Move

Adapted from a recent publication by Rock Steady Boxing, Michael Longsdon discusses some tips regarding downsizing and simplifying your life.  Are you thinking about downsizing? Have you grown out of your house?  This can be a difficult decision.  Attachment to years of memories in one location can be hard to part with.

Following are four important tips which will save you time, money, emotional hardship, and will probably make you happier in the long run.

  1. Most downsizing seniors will move from a family home to a condo, townhouse or compact home where everything is close. They often move from the suburbs to a downtown area. Key things to think about are not only age-friendly design, but also access to entertainment, shopping, and transit. If you have a disease that limits you, such as Parkinson’s, it may be important to look into assisted living. Options include private apartments, social activities and caregiving facilities. These should all be carefully researched before a decision is made.
  2. Preparing your home for downsizing should include getting rid of things that you do not need or are too large. These should include oversized furniture, extra dishware and linens, files and photo albums, exercise equipment, books, magazines and DVDs, as well as childhood memorabilia. Last but not least, get rid of many of your collectibles and keepsakes. You can always photograph them. The key is to declutter as much as possible. This can be difficult, especially for someone who is a pack rat or hoarder.
  3. Do not try to move everything yourself. Hire professionals who provide packing and moving services - you don’t want to overdo it and possibly injure yourself.
  4. Remember that this can be a long process. Do not wait until downsizing is imminent. Plan ahead. We also urge you to explore all options and discuss this with children and other family members as well.
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