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Alzheimers & Dementia

According to the Alzheimer’s Organization, Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. Every 65 seconds, someone in the U.S develops the disease. As the number of Americans living with Alzheimer’s and dementia is growing, we are all well aware of how this impacts each of our family’s lives. We explore this.

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Boost Your Brain

By Detroit Free Press, Paula Spencer Scott

It is never too early or too late to fight cognitive decline by whipping your brain into shape.  AARP has created Staying Sharp, a program...

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Doctors & Medical Professionals

GG seeks out an array of medical professionals that discuss their areas of expertise ranging from surgery, mental health, skin care, dementia and Alzheimer’s, heart health, urology issues, and much more.  We continue to grow our YouTube video channel and podcasts to keep you informed.

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WATCH: Explaining Medicare

With Joanne Giardini-Russell, Giardini Medicare

Joanne Giardini-Russell, owner of Giardini Medicare, breaks down the world of Medicare as she explains Medicare Advantage, Medigap, the various...
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WATCH: Our Eyes and Aging

With Alan Spigelman, M.D., Ophthalmologist

Alan Spigelman, M.D. discusses his ophthalmology practice, specifically addressing issues that we face as we are gracefully greying.

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WATCH: Virtual Therapy

With Dr. Joel Young, Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine

Joel Young, M.D., Director and Founder of the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine discusses Virtual Therapy during the Coronavirus pandemic,...

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Of course we all need to exercise.  Whether exercising the body or mind, this is what keeps us going, enables interactivity, and boosts our health. Professionals offer their advice, we explore fads and trends, exercise equipment, individual and group activity, and the overall benefits of exercise.  Pickleball anyone?

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WATCH: Adaptive Yoga

With Mindy Eisenberg

Join my guest, Mindy Eisenberg, founder of Yoga Moves MS, as we discuss adaptive yoga. Mindy demonstrates how she helps those with MS and other...

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Housing & Home Care

This is an enormous topic which includes when to downsize, caregivers, safety, home designs and products currently on the market, and choosing the right help for loved ones. Most every family is confronted with issues involving housing and home care for seniors. We explore all aspects.

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Rockstar Caregivers

Going Above and Beyond for Clients

Emilie Amador, President and Owner of AE HomeCare, expresses thanks to her staff for the compassionate care of their vulnerable clients...
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Caregiver Stats and Facts

57 Must-Know Caregiver Tips, Stats, and Facts

An informative, if not jaw-dropping, compilation of statistics about caregivers and what life is really like in this often ignored role.

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Specialties (Community)

We explore how community policies effect millennials and senior citizens ranging from immigration, public safety, and public health, no matter where you live, and all of the important issues in between.

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WATCH: Explaining Medicare

With Joanne Giardini-Russell, Giardini Medicare

Joanne Giardini-Russell, owner of Giardini Medicare, breaks down the world of Medicare as she explains Medicare Advantage, Medigap, the various...
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100 Years Young

Reva Gornbein Turns 100

It is an honor and privilege to share the amazing story and life of our beloved grandmother, Reva Stern Stetten Gornbein who turned 100 years old...

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We are what we eat. In this section we explore diets and nutrition as it relates to our bodies as we age. We seek expert advice from professionals in the field, including what is good and not so good for you, fads, making wise food choices, weight issues, and recipes.

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Drugs & Medication

We know that prescription drugs and medication are an inevitable part of seniors’ daily lives. Issues such as over-medication, polypharmacy, communication issues, treatment plans, and organization are top-of-mind when dealing with medications.

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What is Medicare?

A Primer for a Complicated System

Take a look at this primer on Medicare, the complicated federal government's health insurance program.  Navigating the system can be...
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Is CBD Right For You?

A Natural Alternative

A lot of these medications have undesirable side effects, and some may even lead to dependence. So, it is no surprise that today’s...

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What did you say? Seriously though, as we age we know that hearing issues arise. What are the current and most state-of-the-art products to help seniors? We tap professionals in the field to address and discuss the issues and solutions.

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Sleep is important, especially as we age. We explore goals, data and studies, how sleep effects our bodies, minds, and relationships.

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Senior Sleep Guide

Everything to Know About How Sleep Changes As You Age

Experts agree that older adults (age 65 and up) need around 7 hours of sleep each night. However, due to changes in circadian...
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Importance of Sleep

Older Adults and Longevity

Sleep issues tend to mount as we get older. According to a National Sleep Foundation's comprehensive study, we have a harder time falling...

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