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WATCH: HomeCare with Compassion

WATCH: HomeCare with Compassion

With Emilie Amador, President of AE HomeCare

Emilie Amador, owner of AE HomeCare, shares her background and knowledge in the home care industry. She and her staff proudly serve the elderly community, and consider themselves extended family to their clients.

'Home is where the heart is' has driven the passion and goals of each caregiver by providing 24 hour care, companionship, meal preparation and housekeeping, and provides peace-of-mind to families on a daily basis. 

Emilie discusses the importance of educating people, following the CDC guidelines and safety protocols, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, and providing compassion - knowing that she is making a difference in the community and peoples lives.


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Helpful Information About... Helpful Information About...

Helpful Information About...

Caring for a loved one once they can no longer fulfill all their needs alone is one of the most difficult jobs for any child or grandchild. Not only do you have to create a space in your life for your new role as a...
WATCH: Falls and Their Impact... WATCH: Falls and Their Impact...

WATCH: Falls and Their Impact...

Geoffrey Hoffman, PhD, MPH and Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing discusses his expertise in older adults, the prevalence of and outcomes associated with fall injuries, formal and...
Rose's Quarantine Rose's Quarantine

Rose's Quarantine

We asked Rose Cooper, a resident of a Senior Living Community in Michigan, to share her two week quarantine experience after visiting family in Chicago.   

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