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Deeply in Debt?

Realizing Debt Burden


Many people live from pay check to pay check. Over the years in my family law practice, I have learned that no matter how high an income, couples often find themselves deeply in dept.

The Issue of Polypharmacy

Communication is Key

The definition of polypharmacy in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is the practice of administering many different medicines especially concurrently for the treatment of a single disease; the...

CapTel Captioned Phones

Hearing and Seeing

CapTel phones and CTS (Captioned Telephone Service) allows those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or 'late-deafened' to not only listen to the caller's voice, but read everything...

Caregivers: Some Thoughts

Looking at Caregiver Issues

I have done several shows with guests discussing the important topic of caregiving.  As we are gracefully greying, we may all need care in some capacity, at some point. This may be for a...

Importance of Sleep

Older Adults and Longevity

Sleep issues tend to mount as we get older. According to a National Sleep Foundation's comprehensive study, we have a harder time falling asleep, have more trouble staying asleep and...

Seniors & Technology

Get On Board!

We live in a digital world and ours lives are now governed by our devices. Platforms and apps such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and...

Smartphones & Caregivers

Caregiving Made Easier

Smartphones can help make caregiving more manageable by scheduling appointments, managing medications, shopping for supplies, finding discounts, and creating a small community around your...

Volunteers Assisting Seniors

Saving Hundreds of Lives with Devotion and Compassion

Leslie Katz, Jewish Senior Life FRIENDS Director, expresses an amazing story of outpouring of volunteers during the extremely challenging time of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine

Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology

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Coronavirus Resources

Helpful Information About... Helpful Information About...

Helpful Information About...

Caring for a loved one once they can no longer fulfill all their needs alone is one of the most difficult jobs for any child or grandchild. Not only do you have to create a space in your life for your new role as a...
WATCH: Falls and Their Impact... WATCH: Falls and Their Impact...

WATCH: Falls and Their Impact...

Geoffrey Hoffman, PhD, MPH and Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing discusses his expertise in older adults, the prevalence of and outcomes associated with fall injuries, formal and...
Rose's Quarantine Rose's Quarantine

Rose's Quarantine

We asked Rose Cooper, a resident of a Senior Living Community in Michigan, to share her two week quarantine experience after visiting family in Chicago.   

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