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Older Drivers - Stats and Facts

Older Drivers - Stats and Facts

20 Safety Tips

No matter your age, road safety is of the utmost importance because when we drive responsibly, it keeps everyone safe. While road safety is absolutely about precautions and prevention, especially with the proven success rate of defensive driving, it’s also incredibly important to talk about the shared community responsibility of everyone getting home safely.

On average in the United States, more than 38,000 people die annually from road fatalities with a range of unique factors contributing to these figures. The bottom line is that driving well and avoiding danger is a skill that will evolve whether you’ve just gotten your driver’s license or you’re decades down the road.

One major risk factor for safe driving is being aware of the dangers that emerge as we age.

In the World Health Organisation’s Global Study on Road Safety, they projected road mortality to become the 5th leading cause of death worldwide by 2030. As people age, their vulnerability on the road increases for a number of reasons therefore it’s essential to focus on measures that can keep people safe both before and once they’re in the car. If it’s you that’s at risk in this area or a loved one, it’s always worthwhile to understand the reasons why danger can increase. The reality is that there isn’t actually a specific age where someone becomes completely unsafe or unable to drive anymore. Regardless, prevention rather than cure is an appropriate policy for road safety as with health in general. Arrive Alive says on this topic, “Older drivers are generally safe and conscientious drivers -- for some seniors, the physical changes of ageing can, however, interfere with driving responsibly and safely.” The bottom line is to pay attention and make sure we’re caring for ourselves as well as the people around us to normalise that skills change over time.

Read on to learn about this essential topic with this infographic from the team at Hussey Fraser Solicitors: Road Safety For Older Drivers. Take care and happy driving!


Road Safety for Older Drivers

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