These 4 Secrets Can Help You Age
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These 4 Secrets Can Help You Age

Age Better and Live Longer

Aging doesn’t have to slow you down. There are plenty of seniors living their best lives yet, and they’re doing it all despite being older. So, how can you get some of this magic senior energy and happiness for yourself? Explore these healthy aging tips.

Why Start a Business? Retirement is Depressing

When we retire, time flies and we get nothing done. Staying idle too long also makes us depressed. That’s why seniors are twice as likely to be unhappy after they retire. This explains why seniors far and wide are choosing to start their own businesses instead.

Today, nearly 1 in 4 businesses are started by senior adults. That’s almost double what it was a few years ago. The reason for such a huge increase in seniors starting businesses is because they’re realizing the limitless potential that comes with charting their own career paths.

After deciding on which type of business you plan on pursuing, the next step is to get it off the ground and officially get started. Keep in mind that the goal is to keep things fun though. The whole idea behind starting a business instead of retiring is to be satisfied with your work!

Add Life Quality with More Daily Activity

You know you need to keep moving to maintain healthy muscles and a strong body, but did you know that getting even small amounts of exercise can also help keep you happy? Per the Mayo Clinic, it only takes 10 minutes of walking, biking, or any kind of physical activity to boost your mood. Seniors can easily increase their joy with a morning walk or an evening yoga session.

If you want to increase those benefits, you only need to add a few more minutes of physical exertion to your regular exercise routine. If you can take 30-minute walks every day or at least a few times a week, you will still be able to manage your mood. Additionally, you will help your body fight off chronic disease, strengthening your legs against falls, and even losing a little extra weight in the process.

Power Your Brain with a Balanced Diet

Walking can help preserve your mood, but did you know that diet can help preserve your brain? Many seniors worry about losing their independence as a result of dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other cognitive impairments, but studies show that changing your diet can change the outlook for your mind.

More specifically, researchers have found Mediterranean-style diets to be the most effective in protecting cognitive function and preventing memory loss in aging adults. Those benefits are linked to the healthy fish, veggies, and grains in this balanced diet, but you can add other brain-healthy options as well. Toss a handful of blueberries into your morning yogurt to fight inflammation or have a glass of wine to get more blood to your brain.

Support Your Mind with Social Connections

For older adults, maintaining connections with other people can be more challenging than it once was. With family members moving away and friends moving on, you may find yourself lacking the connections that once made your life so rich. However, Harvard Health Publishing notes maintaining relationships is absolutely crucial for your mental well-being, as well as your physical health.

When you lose your connections with other people, your health may be more likely to decline and you may be more prone to chronic disease. So, if you have not done so recently, reach out to your loved ones and friends to preserve those all-important relationships. Join a local club, start a volunteer position, or go to church to connect with other people and help preserve your health and vitality.

Don’t let getting older affect your quality of life! By taking more steps to actively stay in control of your health, your mood, and your relationships, you can get so much more out of your life. You will feel happier, live longer, and look forward to some of your best years yet!

Look to Gracefully Greying for more tips and advice that will help you live a healthier and happier lifestyle!

- Claire Wentz, Contributing Gracefully Greying writer; photo credit: Pixabay

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