The Fuss About Cold Plunges

The Fuss About Cold Plunges


Scroll through Social Media and you’re bound to see someone fully immersing into ice-cold water. It’s been a traditional post-workout treatment for professional athletes for a long time. Now, taking the cold plunge is the latest health and wellness trend for everyone. Those who partake in the frigid waters, swear by the benefits, including a deep feeling of calm, reduced inflammation, relief from muscle soreness and improved circulation. They describe an adrenaline rush, a moment of euphoria and feeling totally reinvigorated. They claim it makes them happier, healthier and more energized.

Gracefully Greying Health Reporter Lila Lazarus started taking the plunge this past winter to explore the benefits and says she’s definitely felt the dopamine hit that participants describe. Here are reasons people choose to jump into cold water.

1) Clear your mind. The shock of cold water snaps you into focus, creating a heightened awareness. You immediately become present.

2) Clear your skin. The temperature of theater tightens your pores and reduces any inflammation giving you the “plunger’s glow.”

3) Find Calm. Despite the frozen temperature, cold plunging has been shown to release endorphins and help relieve stress.

4) Reduce Soreness. An ice bath will soothe muscles, joints, and reduce inflammation. Watch the video to learn more and please subscribe to our channel.

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