Senior Musings: Hot. Hot. Hotter.

Senior Musings: Hot. Hot. Hotter.

Enjoy our August 2020 Newsletter

The summer of 2020 has certainly been like no other.  No matter where you spent these past weeks, you most likely have been feeling the heat, both in temperature and perhaps continued changes to your lifestyle. Despite all that is going on, we hope that you are attempting to keep your cool, and are able to enjoy these long golden days of summer. 

At Gracefully Greying, we are continuing to build our partnership with genusConnect, a comprehensive state-of-the-art healthcare app that allows for collaboration between families, caregivers, and medical professionals.  Learn more about how this application can help you navigate the healthcare system by watching the interview with founder Joe Gleason, or text grey to 211411 to view the platform.

In this month's GG Book Nook, Debbie Gornbein reviews Dear Edward, written by Ann Napolitano. On the cooking front, foodie and influencer Annabel Cohen suggests some very tasty summer recipes.

As always, we hope you can spread the word and share Senior Musings with your colleagues, friends, and family. Take a look at our Gracefully Greying YouTube Channel and choose from a myriad of topics as professionals share their expertise.  Share your story and your experiences as a contributor to Gracefully Greying. And, as always, share and like us on social media.

Laurie Blume & Henry Gornbein, Gracefully Greying Co-Founders

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