CBD and Arthritis

CBD and Arthritis

What You Need to Know

“Oh, my aching knee, back, hands.” Does this sound familiar? Well, you are in good company if you suffer from arthritis – well over half of seniors have this painful, debilitating disease. In fact, over 78.4 million adults in the United States will suffer from arthritis by the year 2040. Ouch.

As you might know, osteoarthritis is a chronic disease that attacks the joints in places like the hips, knees, hands and shoulders, making exercise difficult, doing everyday activities painful, which can decrease your overall sense of well-being, and quality of life.

Treating chronic arthritis pain usually involves over the counter medications like ibuprofen, Tylenol, or prescription medications like anti-inflammatory’s, and opioids. These medications can cause nasty side effects like liver damage, stomach problems, disrupted sleep patterns and dependence. But up until now what other alternatives were there to ease your pain and suffering? Is there an alternative that REALLY works? Good news! CBD can be a safe, effective, all-natural, healing alternative to potentially harmful medications.

Can CBD Help Your Arthritis Pain?

Recent studies show that 42 percent of senior adults already use CBD to help with joint pain. The Arthritis Foundation conducted its own poll and found that 29% reported current use of CBD (mostly in liquid or topical form), and nearly 80% of respondents were either using it, had used it in the past, or were considering it. Of those using it, most reported improvement in physical function, sleep, and well-being; of note, a minority reported improvement in pain or stiffness.

What is CBD? CBD is a chemical compound that is found in the cannabis plant. This compound will NOT make you high. Once this compound is extracted it can be used safely to address pain, anxiety and many other health issues. You can find CBD in products like tinctures (oral), flower (smoke), gummy candies (oral) and creams (topical). By using CBD products you may be able to reduce symptoms like, pain, swelling and inflammation.

Robert Shmerling, MD, Senior Faculty Editor, Harvard Health Publishing, suggests one set of guidelines for people pursuing treatment with CBD that he finds quite reasonable (based on recommendations from the Arthritis Foundation and a recent commentary published in the medical journal Arthritis Care & Research):

  • If considering a CBD product, choose one that has been independently tested for purity, potency, and safety — for example, look for one that has received a “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) certification.
  • CBD should be one part of an overall pain management plan that includes nonmedication options (such as exercise) and psychological support.
  • Choose an oral treatment (rather than inhaled products) and start with a low dose taken in the evening.
  • Establish initial goals of treatment within a realistic period of time — for example, a reduction in knee pain that allows you to walk around the block within two weeks of starting treatment; later, if improved, the goals can be adjusted.
  • Tell your doctor(s) about your planned and current CBD treatment; monitor your pain and adjust medications with your medical providers, rather than with nonmedical practitioners (such as those selling CBD products).

You can use a topical cream and rub it on the affected area to relieve pain and swelling in the joints and increase movement. The oral tincture and gummy candies can be taken to decrease overall pain in the body and help to calm inflammation systemically. If you already have a CBD treatment plan in place, you can also smoke the CBD flower, and experience the same wonderful results.  

The quality of your CBD matters. Always look for “full-spectrum” on the label, assuring you get the purest and highest quality CBD. Do not waste your hard-earned money on inferior CBD. You need a trusted source to ensure your CBD is going to be effective. We like the CBD products offered at Staykindco.com. They have creams, tinctures and flower, all of which can be extremely effective at easing your joint pain.

Staykindco.com has offered Gracefully Greying viewers a special 25% discount on orders by using the code “SKGG25” at checkout. You don’t have to live miserably. Try CBD today and see for yourself!

*And as always, please consult with your doctor before starting your CBD regimen.

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