Want to be Motivated?
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Want to be Motivated?

With Lila Lazarus, Health Reporter, Inspirational Speaker, Television Personality, Professional Emcee

Want to be motivated? Watch this interview.

Lila Lazarus’s superpower is her energy. As a health reporter, television personality, video producer, professional emcee, and a devoted daughter, Lila shares her illustrious background as a television journalist and motivator. Learn about her excellent adventures around the world as an ‘up for any adventure’ gal, including getting a colonoscopy on Facebook live.

A current spokeswoman for Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, Lila shares how she educates the 50+ demographic on health topics and issues by getting out ‘news out that people can use.’

Lila also shares her current experiences visiting her mother in an assisted living facility during the Covid pandemic.

Learn more about Lila, https://www.lilatoday.com.

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