My Readers

My Readers

Rose Cooper's Figurine Collection

My first encounter with starting a collection of figurines reading a book actually began with a framed picture I found in an antique shop.  It was a print with a man and woman sitting at a desk, sharing some old prints with books surrounding them.  I have the framed print on my wall in my apartment.

I loved antiquing in 'those days.' I loved to rummage through tables and shelves and boxes, with my sister who has her own collections, finding small figurines, all reading books.  I found children, men, women, and animals. They were all so different and some very unusual.

I expanded my collections, as collectors do.  I found some 'willow tree' figurines at Hallmark - women reading, one standing, one sitting on a chair.  I also have a few reading Christmas ornaments.

I constantly kept my eye out wherever I went, vacations included.

Some of my collections were getting larger, and some more expensive.  Friends have found readers for me to add to my shelves. My collection then became a 'holiday' scene.  I displayed them with holiday itens for Thanksgiving, Halloween, the Fourth of July, and even for lighting the holiday candles on Friday nights.

Most items used for effect were from the Dollar Store, it's amazing what you can find!

Many of my reader figurines are retired and scattered now, given to my children and grandchildren.  They made choices of which ones they wanted, and I can visit my readers at their homes (except during Covid).  I have kept the smaller ones, scattered in my apartment and sharing space with REAL books on the shelves, some very unusual.

The last thing I decided to do was place all of the tiny readers on a small cabinet hanging in my kitchen where I can appreciate my 'friends' from day to day. I relocated some mugs to another spot in order to do this.

I have pictures of all of my readers, doing fun things. I remember them all fondly.  

-Rose Cooper is a resident of a senior living community in Michigan

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