WATCH: Buttons 2 Buttons

Innovative Senior Products

Henry Gornbein is joined in the studio by Gina Adams from Buttons 2 Button. Gina and Henry discuss the disability-friendly company, how they empower people with dexterity limitations to...

WATCH: Urological Issues

With Dr. Brian Seifman

Dr. Brian Seifman from the Michigan Institute of Urology joins Henry Gornbein as they discuss how to avoid and manage issues we face as we age. Dealing with an aging prostate is no fun. Lean about...

WATCH: Finding A Caregiver

With Becky Eizen

Becky Eizen, Vice President of Bridgeway Care Management and Home Care, a division of Feinberg Consulting joins Henry Gornbein in the studio. The two discuss the role of a caregiver and the best...

WATCH: Failing Retirement

With Dorothy "Dottie" Deremo

On this episode of Gracefully Greying, Henry Gornbein interviews Dorothy “Dottie” Deremo. Dottie explains what it means to “happily fail retirement”. Later, the two dive...

The Greying of America

Demographic Transformation

We are in the midst of a profound demographic transformation that will render our population significantly older in the years to come. This has repurcussions in every walk of life, for every age...

Boost Your Brain

By Detroit Free Press, Paula Spencer Scott

It is never too early or too late to fight cognitive decline by whipping your brain into shape.  AARP has created Staying Sharp, a program which follows the guidelines of the Global Council...



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Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine

Wayne State University Institute of Gerontology

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WATCH: A Covid Long Hauler WATCH: A Covid Long Hauler

WATCH: A Covid Long Hauler

Heather Coleman-Voss, CPCC, CPLC, CBSP, founder of Career Savvy Coaching, discusses her ongoing long road to recovery as a Covid Long Hauler.
WATCH: Connecting Senior Teens... WATCH: Connecting Senior Teens...

WATCH: Connecting Senior Teens...

Eric and John Peterson, co-founders of Seniors4Seniors, discuss how they connect high school teens and senior adults with meaningful mentorships and career and life experiences.
WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid

WATCH: Undue Influence and Covid

Sandra Glazier, Equity Shareholder, Lipson/Neilson, P.C. specializes in family law and shares her expertise in the area of Undue Influence, the mental, physical and financial effects, signs and signals, and ways to...

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