Anxious and Stressed?

Anxious and Stressed?

CBD Oil is a Solution to Reducing Anxiety and Sleeping Better

Anxiety disorders are one of the world’s most common mental health care issues. Anxiety and stress affect your body, mind and overall sense of well- being. It can be crippling, keeping you from living your life to the fullest. And now with Covid-19 raging through the world, putting so many lives and businesses at risk, it is indeed troubling and stressful times that we live in. So how do you deal with all this stress and anxiety?

Most doctors will prescribe medications that can help with anxiety disorders, but so many times they have terrible side effects and can lead to dependence and sadly, in some people actually have no effect at all. Obviously, there is a need for  different types of treatments. Thankfully there are other alternatives available now.

What Are The Alternatives?

While methods such as behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, yoga and other such modalities have demonstrated they can offer relief from anxiety over time, most of us need something that works now!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant. This compound is extracted to make hemp oil, (no it does not cause one to “get high”).  CBD has demonstrated in preclinical and clinical evidence that it can be effective in treating anxiety disorders. CBD is known to have a ”calming effect” on the receptors in both your central and peripheral nervous systems. These are the receptors that regulate fear and anxiety.

In one of the clinical studies conducted using CBD at the Department of Naturopathic Medicine Wholeness Center in Colorado, they gave CBD to patients suffering from anxiety and sleep disorders. Anxiety scores decreased within first month in 57 patients and remained this way the entire duration of the study. In 48 patients, their sleep scores improved within a month. The conclusion was that CBD may hold benefit for anxiety and sleep related disorders. For more details on this study please visit:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6326553/

Although CBD has been around for centuries, it is a relatively “new” way to treat anxiety disorders and other health issues, so we look forward to continuing research and more clinical studies as it gains notoriety in the medical field and continues to grow in popularity.

However, until the FDA starts to regulate the industry, it is up to the well- informed consumer to seek out CBD products that are safe and effective. One should look for third-party tested, full spectrum hemp products to make sure the CBD is of the highest quality and free of contaminants.

So Where Can I Find High Quality CBD?

If you are interested in trying CBD and want to see for yourself how it might help you, as stated above, it is important to buy from high quality sources. You need to look for “full spectrum” hemp oil products to ensure you get the best and most effective results from your CBD. As far as dosing goes, always check with your doctor first. It is always best to start off with the lowest dose and increase as needed. One of the wonderful things about CBD is its safety. There have been no reports of ill effects even if taken in large doses.

As a trusted source of full spectrum hemp products, StayKindco offers the purest, high quality, full spectrum, third-party tested CBD hemp oil in the form of creams, tinctures, smokables and gummy candies. As a member of the Greying Gracefully community, we kindly offer you a special discount code. Please use SKGG25 at checkout. 


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