promote your brand and

Advertise With Us

promote your brand and

Advertise With Us

Sponsorship/Ad Opportunities

  1. Name listing on category page (legal, financial, wellness, etc.)
    • Company Name
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Website URL
    • Address
    • Type of Services Provided (Divorce Law, Travel Agent, Oncologist, etc.)
  2. Name Listing with Logo & Preferred Ranking in Category List
    • Logo (.eps or .ai preferred)
  3. Ad Tile on Category & Home Page
    • Horizontal version of ad, desktop/large tablet applications.
    • Mobile version of ad, phone or small tablet applications.
  4. Monthly Article Entry on GracefullyGreying.com
  5. Weekly Inclusion in GG Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
  6. Monthly Inclusion in GG newsletter Senior Musings
  7. Weekly Inclusion in GG e-blasts
  8. Sponsor name listed in speaking events and announcements
  9. One (1) Podcast/video show with Henry Gornbein, posted to GG YouTube Channel

Additional Opportunities

$500/one-time cost per video
  • Teaser promo video/interview of your company or organization
    • Produced by Gracefully Greying; posted on our site and social media
$250/one-time cost per video
  • Posting your existing video on our site and social media
$200/one-time cost per ad
  • Ad Tile on our site
    • Gracefully Greying can create your ads (no extra cost), or you can submit your own ad

Photo Advertisement Guidelines: GG can create the ads for you

  1. Desktop (Home Page) Horizontal Image Size:
    • Width: 1902px; Height: 495.5px **These sized ads will work on Home Page (desktop view only) – PNG or JPG accepted.
  2. Desktop / Mobile Image Size:
    • Width: 700px; Height: 624px **These sized ads will work on all pages & in mobile view – PNG or JPG accepted.

Apply For Sponsorship

We are excited that you are on board with GG. Please provide your contact information, level of sponsorship interest, and your company/organization logo or image artwork, and we will get you up and running. If you need creative consulting for this, email laurie@gracefullygreying.com.

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