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Digital World

We live in a digital world and ours lives are now governed by our devices. Our cell phones, the internet, Face book, YouTube, facetime phone calls and Skype are all part of our daily existence. Embrace this technology, don’t run away from it.


Spiritual wellness is so important to avoid loneliness, strengthen your physical being, and tapping your inner soul. Whether you practice a certain religion or not, spirituality in daily life provides hope and meaning.

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Thinking About Religion

Our Spirituality

As part of our gracefully greying community, a goal is to seek out and communicate with leaders of various religions to exchange ideas about...

Innovations for Seniors

Whether it’s smartphones and apps, virtual reality products, home health products, or excercise equipment, we all benefit from ever-changing products offered to the senior demographic. Through reviews and feature articles, see what’s new and popular.

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How To Sleep With Hip Pain

Simple and Practical Ways to Alleviate Nighttime Hip Pain

For those who battle chronic hip pain, there are a number of strategies that can provide comfort and pain relief throughout the night, making it...
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WATCH: BrainShape and Aging

With Andrea Wilkinson, PhD, founder and CEO of BrainShape

Dr. Andrea Wilkinson, founder and CEO of BrainShape, empowers aging adults to take control of their own lives and teaches mental and physical...
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Anxious and Stressed?

CBD Oil is a Solution to Reducing Anxiety and Sleeping Better

While methods such as behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, yoga and other such modalities have demonstrated they can offer relief from anxiety...


Daily news, currents events, and the political climate are top of mind with respect to the senior community. No matter what your political affiliation, opinions, and political involvement are, keeping up on what’s happening within your community, and worldwide, is not only necessary, but can be a full-time hobby.

Romance & Sex

There are so many topics to explore here, from mundane to the most intimate relationships. The health, finance, lifestyle, and psychological facets of your life have an impact on your and well-being and how you include or dismiss romance and sex. Explore this with us.


Benefit from seeing your community, your region, and the world. Travel increases confidence and a sense of adventure as seniors get out of their comfort zones with family and friends.

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You Love to Travel!

Virtual Travel - Right Now

We live on a fascinating planet. If you are lucky enough to be healthy and are semi-retired or retired, you may have spent a considerable amount...

Leisure & Activities

A key to living life fully is to engage in mental and physical activity - from doing crossword puzzles to traveling the world, keeping your mind and body going, maintain your community of friends, and finding new friends with similar interests will enrich your life.

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WATCH: Want to be Motivated?

With Lila Lazarus, Health Reporter, Inspirational Speaker, Television Personality, Professional Emcee

Lila Lazarus’s superpower is her energy. As a health reporter, television personality, video producer, professional emcee, and a devoted...

Housing & Home Care

This is an enormous topic which includes when to downsize, caregivers, safety, home designs and products currently on the market, and choosing the right help for loved ones. Most every family is confronted with issues involving housing and home care for seniors. We explore all aspects.

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What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs) vs. Nursing Homes

Assisted living facilities (ALFs) are sometimes confused with nursing homes, another long-term residential care option for seniors. But, the two...


Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Knowledge is power. As we are gracefully greying and living life fully, we are never too old to learn, which is why we are adding educational content on a regular basis. We are always seeking out virtual learning resources and uplifting experiences to share with our community.

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WATCH: Screen Relief Yoga

Mindy Eisenberg of Yoga Moves MS provides tips and demos

As we are stuck in front of our screens day in and day out, our body and mind need a break. Mindy Eisenberg, MHSA, E-RYT-500, founder of Yoga...
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WATCH: BrainShape and Aging

With Andrea Wilkinson, PhD, founder and CEO of BrainShape

Dr. Andrea Wilkinson, founder and CEO of BrainShape, empowers aging adults to take control of their own lives and teaches mental and physical...



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