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Launching In The Age of  Coronavirus

Launching In The Age of Coronavirus

Living Life Fully in Tough Times

Our vision for Gracefully Greying is to create a community and broader hub of resources, discussion, and sharing platform for seniors and their families...really anyone in the 40+ age group. Focusing on a wide range of areas including legal, financial, psychological, wellness, lifestyle and entertainment, we want to inform, engage, educate, and facilitate discussion and connectedness for, and between you. We continue to build our vast network of professionals lending their knowledge and expertise in each category, along with your individual submissions of every-day-life stories and experiences. 

When we began the development of Gracefully Greying many months ago, never in our wildest imaginations would we have envisioned launching in a surreal reality of Covid 19.  As we have learned that no one is immune, folks in their sixties, seventies and older, and those with preexisting medical conditions are at higher risk. There is more of a risk for loneliness and depression with our societal isolation.  This begs the question, how can we live life fully in the age of Coronavirus?

  • Let’s listen to the medical professionals, like we used to listen to our mothers.
  • Let’s move our bodies and exercise - run a few miles or walk a few steps; do full-on virtual pilates or lift a water bottle a couple of times; no matter what, just keep on doing it.
  • Let’s reach out to friends and family frequently to stay connected, say howdy, compare how your family is getting on your nerve (lol), or reach out to your 6th grade crush - whatever!
  • Let’s catch up on movies or television series, old and new; ask your kids if they even know who Lucille Ball is.
  • Let’s read those books that have been collecting dust on the shelves - or better yet, clean the shelves and get rid of the dust - but don’t use your precious disinfectant wipe for this, lol.
  • Let’s travel online to some of the most beautiful parts of our world - we will provide the links.
  • Let’s work on hobbies and interests that we haven’t done in years. Rug-hooking anyone?
  • Let’s get plenty of rest - yes, naps are allowed - and eat healthy.

To date, much of our content predates the virus. Moving forward, at least in the near future, we feel a more prescient need for a virtual community - to stay connected, offer words of wisdom from professionals, highlight everyday stories and experiences, provide resources, and hopefully offer even a bit of humor in various aspects of life.

Join us, share your thoughts and stories by becoming a Contributing Member, peruse our content, and visit our YouTube Channel. Please stay healthy, and we can’t wait to hear from you as we continue to live life fully, albeit in a skewed way at this moment in time.

- Henry Gornbein & Laurie Blume

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