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A Busy Woman's Guide to Health & Happiness

SuperPowers are in all of us but they need the right set of ingredients to stay nurtured and strong, if not they are left to fizzle down to a mere speckle of a dream, leaving us drained and feeling “maxed out” and “overwhelmed”. You see, SuperPowers are not only for your favorite crime-fighting SuperHero, they are within each and every woman who multi-tasks and does so much more.

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Programs, Classes, and Continuing Education by Adita Lang

Signature programs and classes on exercise, nutrition, and overall health. Providing 2 tracks of programming: One, for the HEALTH ENTHUSIAST looking to increase overall health and wellbeing, and the other for HEALTH PROFESSIONAL looking for continuing education courses and certifications. 

As an author and speaker, Adita Lang has traveled across the globe speaking at Fortune 500 companies, private organizations, and schools about making healthy habits fit seamlessly into the craziest of days. Her goal is to entertain audiences with dynamic and inspiring programs.

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