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Support our Advertisers & Merchants

Each advertiser is an important resource of professionalism, guidance, and expertise in their respective fields. We are grateful for the companies and organizations that contribute to our platform, support our mission, and enable us to bring a fee-free model to the public.

Diamond Advertisers

Serling & Abramson, PC 

Serling & Abramson has built on vast experience in the asbestos arena, as well as representing victims of personal injury and wrongful death including auto accidents, on the job injuries, defective medical device, property damage, and unsafe prescription drugs. They have also partnered with law firms across the country and overseas who specialize in cases of sexual abuse, roundup weed killer, and environmental contamination. Michael Serling, Eric Abramson. 248.647.6966

Ruby Advertisers


Lipson Neilson has earned a national reputation for excellence. Their attorneys are known for imparting comprehensive, superior counsel, affording critical protection for their clients in all aspects of the law and exemplify the best and brightest in their respective legal specialties, and their expertise is matched by their passionate commitment to achieve the best possible outcome for clients.  248.593.5000

Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine (RCBM)

The Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine (RCBM) is an outpatient behavioral health clinic dedicated to improving the quality of life experience for their patients. They combine the treatment modalities of psychotherapy with medication and nutrition management to alleviate suffering and help people lead happier, more productive lives. RCBM brings together a team of over sixty mental health professionals with a wide variety of clinical backgrounds and specialties. Under the medical leadership of Joel L. Young, MD , RCBM is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. RCBM also offers a variety of services to children, adolescents, adults and seniors including the treatment ADHD and learning disabilities; depression, bipolar disorder, and other mood and anxiety disorders; work-related concerns, family and marital issues; substance abuse and eating disorders, along with weight management. 248.608.8800

Theoria Medical 

Theoria Medical is comprised of an experienced team of healthcare professionals committed to transforming the way healthcare is delivered and experienced.  They do this through value-based integrated delivery of technology and solutions that afford providers, care facilities and health systems the opportunity to operate at peak efficiency with optimal patient outcomes. 833.578.2763

Your Best Life Media    YourBestLifeMedia 

Gaylotta Murray, owner of Your Best Life Media, provides memory-keeping solutions and photo organizing options that help to consolidate, duplicate, maintain and enjoy photo and digital collections. She specializes in creating entertaining video slideshows with narratives, music, and stunning transitions, as well as helping small business owners create compelling narratives.  Gaylotta Murray  313.510.7967

Sapphire Advertisers

AE Homecare 

AE Homecare's professional care specialists help identify areas of need for a family's loved one, and creates the care plan that best suits their needs. Some of their general services include personal care
, meal preparation

, light housekeeping

, companionship
, respite care
, transportation

 and stand by and assist.
  Emilie Amador 248.601.0777

SS & H Financial Advisors 

SS&H Financial Advisors, Inc. is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. They are an investment services boutique that tailors an investment plan to each client’s needs and their clients are often people who have abandoned large brokerage houses in search of more personalized investment advice. Clients have often expressed their dismay about being put into a “model” portfolio rather than having their portfolio designed around them.  Robert Sinnaeve  248.538.9755

Elaine Serling 

Singer, Songwriter, Author and Music Educator 248.891.2012


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Your Best Life Media

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