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Travel is halted now, and that is a hard pill to swallow. But virtual travel is thriving. There are so many online resources that allow us to enjoy destinations through photos, videos, and stories. Let’s take advantage of this and explore places that we have always wanted to see. Benefit from seeing your community, your region, and the world. Travel increases our confidence and a sense of adventure, as we get out of our comfort zones with family and friends.

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You Love to Travel!

Virtual Travel - Right Now

We live on a fascinating planet. If you are lucky enough to be healthy and are semi-retired or retired, you may have spent a considerable amount...

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Leisure & Activities

Maintaining your community of friends, and finding new friends with similar interests will enrich your life, and a key to living life fully is to engage in mental and physical activity. We offer some suggestions. In normal times, local colleges and universities are a great place to start - exploring lecture and concerts series, or just taking a walk around a campus. Strike up a conversation with the (young) students or faculty that you may meet. Churches and synagogues offer many activities including book clubs, bridge, canasta, maj jong and other games. Community senior centers offer unlimited activities including fitness programs and trainers. I have friends who play bridge several times a week, while others play poker regularly. Many seniors are avid golfers and tennis players, and now pickleball has become popular as a small or large group physical activity. Obviously, we cannot congregate right now to enjoy these activites, but when we resume normal life, keep these in mind.

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100 Years Young

Reva Gornbein Turns 100

It is an honor and privilege to share the amazing story and life of our beloved grandmother, Reva Stern Stetten Gornbein who turned 100 years old...
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Your Driving Skills

Tips and technology for the road

When you’ve been driving for decades it’s easy to feel like you know it all. Yet for years, national surveys have shown that about one...

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Move Your Body

If exercise is your main hobby, go for it - and move your body! There are numerous exercise facilities as well as yoga, pilates and other outlets for staying fit and young and keeping in shape. These facilities are closed now, but keep them in mind for the future. Many people will find groups for walking together on a regular basis, for example our malls are filled with people who are up early and walk on a regular basis while avoiding the ice and cold temperatures. If you are able to get outside now to walk during this Coronavirus period, find a friend or relative, stay at least 6-10 feet apart, and enjoy the fresh air.

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WATCH: Adaptive Yoga

With Mindy Eisenberg

Join my guest, Mindy Eisenberg, founder of Yoga Moves MS, as we discuss adaptive yoga. Mindy demonstrates how she helps those with MS and other...
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Secrets of Longevity

Factors of Long Life

Where in the world do people live the longest? A survey from National Geographic pinpointed five places: Loma Linda, California; Nicoya, Costa...

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In normal circumstances, museums and zoos welcome seniors participating in various activities. I know retirees who have become avid bird watchers. Libraries offer continuous speakers and programs including book clubs and reviews, courses in computer programming and literacy, as well as cooking, photography and other passions and hobbies. Many movie theaters have special programs and offerings for seniors, such as live streaming the Metropolitan Opera.

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Arts & Culture

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Be creative and take an art class (again, when they reopen). Pottery, painting, metal sculpture, glass blowing, textiles, photography and even creative writing are very popular. Political organizations welcome senior participants as volunteers, especially during election cycles. Non-profit organizations would love your input and help, such as tutoring or working at a food bank. Get creative, and get involved.

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Virtual Music To Your Ears

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Cellists Perform Virtually

Six DSO cellists have been recording Bach's complete Cello Suite No. 3 in C Major. In the spirit of social distancing, each musician has taken...

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